The Linked data catalog project


This s a linked data project. The aim of the project is to Create a catalog of the linked data sets provided at To create a linked data set catalog in linked data standards it self. To know more about linked data and semantic web use links given in the right sidebar

Project home

The linked data sets can be found here This is the starting point for this project. The aim is the convertion of all the datasets listed here to the voiD catalog format..New data sets are constantly being added to the linkeddata. So it is need to find and update newer data to the graph.

Software/Tools needed

This is very simple project and a text editor and an internet connection is all that is needed.
On the other hand these online tools will help a few essential tasks.

Adding data sets to the catalog

VoID  vocabulary is used to make the catalog, which is originally designed for a single dataset provider,but here we are using it for describing multiple data sets.It uses generic vocabularies lke FOAF and Dublin Core as well.


Check this blog entry for how to add an entry in to the catalog.
Techstreams: practical semantic web- creating a catalog of linked data/

Useful links

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